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We've got several great events planned for you this weekend:
  • Saturday Evening Dinner and Educational Program  — We just can't put on our show at the Hotel RL without having our traditional dinner Saturday night. Expect pumpkin pie for dessert. Dinner will be in the State Room (just off the Main Lobby). Cocktails at 6:30pm in the hotel's lounge/bar. Dinner at 7:00pm. Please order your dinner via the Summary Sheet.
    Dinner is $38 and includes the after-dinner Educational Program. Fate Mays will be presenting a program he calls "Deal Breakers" — an interactive presentation that helps exhibitors understand how judges make their placement decisions when they judge. 
  • Junior Ring - Junior Exhibitor judging will take place on Saturday during the lunch break, just before afternoon judging. JE's who are currently in TICA's JE program are eligible to receive the special JE entry rate. Each JE entry includes a regular show entry and double cage.
  • Raffle - We'll have a great raffle, with a wide variety of cat-related items (and other stuff that's just plain useful - or just plain fun). Raffle tickets are less expensive when purchased in advance; you can order yours via the Summary Sheet. (Please note that you cannot pay for your raffle tickets via PayPal, due to their anti-gaming regulations; if you pay for your entries using PayPal, please mail a separate check to cover the cost of your raffle tickets.)

Note: Due to COVID-19 and no visitors/vendors allowed, we will NOT have our traditional cat costume or cage-decorating contests at this show.