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Bastet Exotics

Celestial Spots Egyptian Mau

Kimberly Reinbrecht

Herus Abyssinians

Meili's Cattery

Rainier Savannahs

Siberians Boris & Natasha

Skinisin Cattery & Lykoi Cats Alberta


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Kimberly Reinbrecht



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The Maine Event

A 2-day, 16-Ring Championship & Household Pet Cat Show

"Save Room for Pie" by Big Cat Designs. All rights reserved.

November 14 & 15, 2020

The show is now closed to entries -
many thanks to all who entered!

Hotel RL Olympia — Olympia, Washington

Sorry, due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, this show will not be open to the public.


Ring Sponsors
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Aoi Neko Maine Coons (2 rings)

BurmeseSEA (2 rings)

Cascade Kaperkats

Heavenly Brits & Folds

Karen Fletcher

Kassandra Burnham (2 rings)

Kat Knappers Cat Club (2 rings)

Daphne Macpherson
In Memory of Anna Ackerman

Mountain View Maine Coon Cats  (2 rings)

Woodpile Maine Coons

Young At Heart Burmese (2 rings)

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